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Other HR Education

This page is reserved for promotion of seminars and education offered by Texas SHRM affiliated chapters, DallasHR's co-sponsored events and complimentary HR educational programs offered by other local non-profit organizations. For more information, please contact us at

The HRSouthwest Conference: Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference workshops are offered on Sunday, October 1 prior to the official start of The HRSouthwest Conference. With both full and half day workshops available, you can earn up to eight additional recertification credit hours. 

Visit The HRSouthwest Conference Webpage to view full program details and register for the workshops. Programs are open to both Conference attendees and non-attendees. Additional fees and registration apply. Seating is limited, register early!

Full Day Workshops:

Workplace Investigations: Law, Procedure and Best Practices
Paul Simon, JD & Dustin Paschal, JD | Simon Pascal PLLC
Approved for 8 HRCI HR (General) Hours  and 8 SHRM PDCs

Understand why a workplace investigation is your first line of defense when confronted with a workplace claim. Recognize when an investigation is necessary and via mock investigations with workshop participants understand how to procedurally conduct a workplace investigation from start to finish.

Think Like a Boss
Richard Robinson, Managing Director | Ramsee Consulting Group
Pending approval for 8 HRCI Business (Strategic) Hours and 8 SHRM PDCs

You deserve a “seat at the table”.  Only 20% of HR Professionals are confident that the HR function is viewed as strategically important by their organization.  Learn to think strategically - interpret industry trends, develop strategic plans and increase your impact with senior leadership - and get a seat at the table.

Reducing Unnecessary Employee Turnover
Leah Brown, Talent Retention Strategist | Crescendo Strategies
Approved for 8 HRCI HR (General) Hours and 8 SHRM PDCs

Tired of the revolving door of employee turnover? Wish your staff understood what professionalism meant?  Learn about the shifting demographics of the workforce, employees’ evolving expectations, and strategies for improving staffing stability and reducing unnecessary employee turnover. Leave this workshop with action steps for improving your workforce woes.

Half Day Workshops:

Transforming the Workplace Culture from Conflict to Collaboration and Cohesion
Alice Dendinger, SPHR | Alice Dendinger Alliance Group
Approved for 4 HRCI HR (General) Hours and 4 SHRM PDCs

Do you strive to proactively influence a workplace environment that is based on peace and collaboration rather than reactive firefighting, silo management, confusion and chaos?  Gain the tools and understand processes that help resolve organizational conflict and defuse employees who seem determined to stay stuck in attitudes of entitlement and resentment.

Dynamics of Organizational Change
Deborah Avrin, SPHR | Management Skills Resources Inc.
Approved for 4 HRCI Business (Strategic) Hours and 4 SHRM PDCs

Do you and your employees fear change or embrace it as an opportunity? Do you possess the skills necessary for human resources’ role in leading change?  Work in teams on a typical organizational change initiative and practice techniques in each phase of change implementation.






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