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It could be that no two organizations define diversity in exactly the same way. The challenge is to define diversity in a way that makes practical, bottom-line sense to your organization. Here are some ideas to help you understand, craft or improve your own definitions. Visit "Links" for more helpful information.

The Dennis Kennedy Life Time Achievement Award

The DallasHR Diversity Committee recognizes and honors individuals who work diligently to foster and embrace diversity and inclusion, who lead by example by establishing and sharing best practices, provide educational tools, and who go above and beyond to establish inclusion in all they do. Winners of this award exemplify the caliber of professional who is always going above and beyond to establish inclusion in all they do. Past winners of this award have documented experiences that have fueled their passion for equality in the workplace as well as their personal lives. If you have someone you'd like to nominate please don't hesitate to contact us. For a full description of the award and Dennis Kennedy, click here.

Past Winners
2011  Dr. Julia So
2012  Hul Kenney


DallasHR Diversity Excellence Award

Leadership • Multicultural Outreach • Innovative Diversity
Workforce Diversity • Community Involvement

The DallasHR Diversity Committee established the Diversity Award in 2009 to recognize and commend professionals for their leadership of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This award was retired after 2010.

Past Winners
2009  Linda Valdez Thompson 
2010  Gina M. Bivens 
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