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Being “Strategic” Means Understanding the Business and Delivering the Right Results

Thomas Dallam, vice president of human resources at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, discusses how your successful performance as an HR professional to serve as a strategic business partner can lead to big results for your company. Thomas breaks down what it means to “understand the business” – to know what the business strategy is, what the key challenges of the business are and what the crucial measurements of success will be. He shares how to greatly enhance your value proposition depth and perception as seen by stakeholders throughout your organization by listening, learning and acting. He encourages you to not just focus on delivering results, but delivering the right results for real issues versus perceived ones.

Talent Development Will Fuel Your Company Goals and Growth

Adrianne Court, CHRO at TransPlace discusses Talent Development strategies that can help your company move to the next level. Adrianne shares how talent development will fuel your company goals and growth. Leadership development, and accountability are critical to the success of a great company. Learn ways how Transplace drives development through HR including training, core values, and understanding the business goals to make decisions! Adrianne will leave you with some great value including: empower your team, understanding how the business makes money, and leading by example!


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