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Job Search Networking Groups

Job-Link is free and open to human resource professionals in any discipline and at any career level who are currently in transition, have been notified that their jobs are ending and are seeking full time HR employment.

Meetings feature a variety of programs on job search topics along with networking opportunities. These networking groups are structured to facilitate interactions so participants can network, share leads and support one another during the job search process. Active participation is required for all members who join these networks. DallasHR membership is not required to attend.

Attend our upcoming Job-Link gatherings

  • Job-Link
    • Job-Link is a resource for HR professionals at any career level.  The goal of Job-Link is to provide HR professional in transition the opportunity for meaningful networking support to assist in the job search. If you are new to the Job-Link group, an orientation guide can be found under "Additional Resources" at the bottom of this page.

    • Once you have attended a Job-Link meeting, you are encouraged to become an active participant in the member-only HRConnect online community called "DallasHR Job-Link ".

    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Program
      10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Optional Networking

Join Job-Link online

Be part of the digital conversation and share with your colleagues who are also looking for their next opportunity. Join the HRConnect Job-Link community today.

Success Stories

“Having recently relocated from out of state back to the Dallas metro area, searching for a new role was a daunting prospect.  I had lived out of state for over 2 years and no longer felt ‘connected’ to the HR Community.  In addition to searching for a job, I also needed a resource for continuing education to maintain my PHR and SHRM – CP certifications.  Dallas HR was my first stop.
Applying for posted positions was only part of my job search strategy.   I knew I needed to do more, as I was looking for a specific role in HR.  I reached out to Dallas HR, and inquired about a discounted membership, as I was in transition.  I was very excited to find the Job-Link community, and began attending the meetings.  At a time when I was alone most of the work week, and feeling out of touch, attending the meetings not only provided some valuable job search tools and insights, but gave me an opportunity to meet other HR professionals and share job leads and search help with others in transition.  Cannot recommend the group enough to those in transition."

                                                                                                                       Susan Asuncion, member since 2015

“I found the Job-Link meetings very beneficial for the following reasons; It felt good to get out of the house and network with others in a similar situation...realizing you are not alone goes a long way to keeping the right attitude. I also enjoyed sharing opportunities with others as that kept me from staying focused only on myself. The tips and tricks I learned in the sessions helped keep my job search fresh for me. I specifically remember ordering business cards and customizing each resume as a result of what I learned in the sessions. I look forward to staying engaged with HRDallas via other roundtable groups.” 
                                                                                                                           Kristina Kammerer,
member since 2014

"In August of 2017 I found myself in transition after 7 years in the same position. During that time I tried to stay very active and one of those activities was increasing my level of involvement with DallasHR. One of the benefits to DallasHR, which I had previously been unaware of, was the Job-Link Group. While my current position had no direct connection to DallasHR I would say the biggest benefits to my involvement with DallasHR, for me, was the sense of purpose. Attending the monthly Job-Link meetings benefited me mentally during my transition. I was able to stay actively engaged with HR, despite not actually working, by talking to other HR professionals. The monthly meetings were useful but also, on a different level, were the conversations that happened during and after the presentations. I was able to make several connections with other HR professionals. People with whom I shared and reviewed resumes, discussed application and interview strategies, laughed about the frustrations of the job search process, and developing an over support net outside of my family and friends. These were people who genuinely cared about each other and checked on each other during our search and were willing to talk, support, or lift each other just by checking in on each other. That sense of community and support is why I recommend DallasHR to any HR professional that I come in contact who has never been involved with DallasHR"

                                                                                                                       Sean McWilliams, member since 2011

Additional Information

New to Job-Link?  See the Orientation Guide.

These groups are facilitated by volunteers who lend their expertise in job searching, interviewing, and networking. All meetings are held at the DallasHR Office starting at 9:00 am. Dress is business casual.

Discounts for annual membership for unemployed professionals is available. Visit the DallasHR Membership page for more information. 



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