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Speaking Opportunities

    • Monthly Luncheons
      • Chapter Luncheons are held on the second Tuesday of every month during lunch. Presentations are usually 60 minutes in length. Topics are generally broad for this presentation due to the size of the audience and various backgrounds of attendees. PowerPoint presentations and handouts (provided by the speaker) are highly recommended.

    • Pre-Luncheon Sessions
      • Prior to our chapter luncheons, we occasionally offer pre-luncheon sessions. The presentation during a pre-luncheon session is usually 60 minutes in length. While many topics may work for this type of session, we often try to fill this type of session with presentations that are important to the HR community but may have a little more specialty focus than our monthly meeting topics. Since this session is generally smaller than our monthly luncheon, we recommend that you provide handouts but a PowerPoint presentation may not be necessary

    • Wine & Wisdom
      • Wine & Wisdom is offered the third Thursday of the third month of each quarter in the evenings at the DallasHR Office. Presentations are intended to be fun, engaging 25-30 minute presentation focused on personal or professional development, followed by fun and relaxed socializing. Complimentary beverages and snacks are provided.

    • DFW SMA Luncheons
      • Dallas/Fort Worth Staffing Management Alliance Luncheons (DFW SMA) are offered bi monthly on the third Wednesday of the month and target human resource professionals and service providers who specialize in talent acquisition. Presentations are usually 60 minutes in length. PowerPoint presentations and handouts (provided by speaker) are highly recommended.

    • Breakfast Meetings
      • DallasHR has a large membership with varying backgrounds and educational needs. Occasionally, we offer breakfast meetings so that members who are unable to attend our monthly luncheons are able to enjoy the quality educational programming that DallasHR has to offer through our guest speakers. Several members that attend our monthly luncheons also enjoy attending our breakfast meetings as an additional networking opportunity or based on the educational value of the program being offered. Presentations are usually 60 minutes in length. Since this is generally a smaller audience than our monthly luncheons, the speaker has the opportunity to make their presentation more interactive with the audience. PowerPoint presentations and handouts (provided by the speaker) are highly recommended.

    • Mini-Seminars
      • Occasionally, a topic is too complex to cover in a one hour presentation. In this case, a mini-seminar may be appropriate. A mini-seminar can be provided as a breakfast meeting, before a monthly luncheon or after a monthly luncheon. A mini-seminar is usually two hours in length but may vary depending upon the program content.

    • Full Day or Multiple-Day Educational Programs
      • As part of its commitment to advancing the HR profession, DallasHR will offer full or multiple-day in depth programs on HR related topics. A full day course would typically entail seven hours of content. These programs should provide skill-building activities, including substantial practical exercises and group discussion. Due to the extensive content, programs also require significant handout materials for attendees. Delivery of these types of programs must be coordinated through the Executive Director to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts with other DallasHR programs.

    • Round Tables (formerly Professional Emphasis Groups)
      • Within DallasHR, there are several specialty HR groups that meet to discuss issues affecting their respective groups. Information about the various Round Table groups is located on the DallasHR website . These groups are frequently looking for speakers to present at their meetings. In keeping with the nature of these groups, the speakers selected for these types of programs will typically have specialized knowledge of a particular topic and recognized expertise in the area of interest.

    • Webinars
      • Due the increasing demands on today's HR Professional, DallasHR offers regular webinars on topics representing the varying interests of our members and to provide up to date information on hot topics. Webinars are typically held on the second and fourth Friday of each month during lunch and are 60 minutes in length. In addition to being a wonderful option for the HR Professional who has a difficult time getting away from their office to attend HRCI-accredited education, webinars offer the same flexibility to presenters who can lead the presentation from their own desk.

    Fill out a Speaker Proposal Form

    Speaker Selection Guidelines

    DallasHR does not offer a fee or pay expenses for chapter program speakers. However, the size and decision-making authority of our audience provides an outstanding opportunity for speakers to increase their visibility and establish valuable contacts with a targeted HR audience.

    DallasHR reserves the right to negotiate speaker fees and expenses for presenters delivering educational content in full or partial day formats.
    Presentation proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee of volunteers and staff based on the following criteria (not inclusive):
    • Speaker Proposal Form
    • Overall quality of content
    • Well-defined focus
    • Practical applications of material
    • Relatedness to the HR profession
    • Presenter’s professional speaking skills

    DallasHR educational programs are selected on an annual basis with the bulk of decisions being made in late summer and early fall for the upcoming year. If your proposal is selected, you will be contacted to make arrangements to add your presentation to the programs calendar. If your proposal is not selected for immediate addition to the programs calendar, it will be kept on file for possible future consideration.

    While handouts are not required, a large majority of speakers provide them and attendees greatly appreciate them.

    Any material that the speaker intends to use/distribute as part of their presentation must be approved in advance by the Executive Director of DallasHR.

    Marketing Policy:

    HR professionals attend chapter meetings and other educational programs to further their knowledge in the human resource profession and to learn techniques relevant to their jobs. In the interest of our members, speakers should follow these marketing guidelines:
    • Speakers are prohibited from using the podium as a place for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or monetary self-interest. Soliciting attendee contact information is not allowed. Contact initiated by the attendee is completely acceptable.
    • Videotaping and audiotaping are prohibited unless approved in advance by the DallasHR Executive Director and Education Manager at least 30 days prior to the presentation.
    • Speakers should not distribute price lists or discuss their professional fees during the presentation.
    • Speakers are prohibited from selling merchandise or products such books, educational materials and promotional items.
    • Speakers must refrain from making overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual group.
    Speakers are permitted to:
    • Include their company name and contact information on the first and/or last page of their presentation slides or handouts.
    • Distribute business cards upon request after the session.
    • Reference books or articles that they have authored.

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