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New Member Partner Program

Connecting veteran members with new members during their first year of membership in an effort to help new members become better engaged and maximize their member value.

New Member Activity Requirements and Recommendations

  • Meet one month after being paired together
  • Meet once a quarter
  • After 12 months, complete a program evaluation
Annual activity recommendation for new members
New member advisors to do not necessarily need to attend these with the new member. It is recommended to suggest particular events based on the New Member’s goals:
  • Four monthly luncheons
  • Two Round Tables
  • Three educational offerings
  • Two networking events: Third Thursdays event, SHRM fundraiser, volunteer for a Community Relations Committee event
Identify future DallasHR opportunities for new members in their second year
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Find volunteer opportunities through our various committees
  • Certification

New Member Guidelines

The New Member Guide program is designed for the benefit of the new member. Therefore, the New Member will assume the majority of the responsibility for the quality of outcome in the partnership. The New Member seeks encouragement to get involved, has a strong commitment to take advantage of what DallasHR has to offer, combined with the ambition to connect with as many members as possible.

Apply as a New Member

A New Member must have:
  • A DallasHR membership
  • Desire to get involved
  • Ability to devote time to attend events in and outside of work hours
  • Support of their company (if applicable)
Responsibilities for the New Member
  • Make the initial contact with the New Member Advisor
  • Schedule and initiate the quarterly meetings
  • Respect the New Member Advisor's time
  • Openly discuss expectations, challenges, and concerns
  • Take advantage of opportunities presented by the New Member Advisor
  • Follow through on commitments and goals set during sessions with their New Member Advisor
  • Seek advice, opinion, and direction from the New Member Advisor
In addition to the required procedures above, a New Member will:
  • Have a personal vision, specific goals and a good grasp of his/her own reality
  • Not afraid to tactfully and respectfully disagree with his/her New Member Advisor
  • Actively participate in the New Member Program relationship
  • Assess his or her individual needs
Benefits of the program for the New Member:
  • Recommendations for events and offerings based on the New Member’s goals
  • Knowledge of how to get plugged in
  • Gain knowledge about DallasHR
  • Realize the value of networking

New Member Advisor Guidelines

A New Member Advisor provides direction and recommendations to help the New Member get the most out their DallasHR Membership. The Advisor embraces the New Member into the organization, promotes involvement in various activities, and introduces them to other DallasHR members.

Apply to be an Advisor

Advisor Qualifications:
  • Current member of DallasHR
  • Held a DallasHR membership for over one year
  • Active participant in various DallasHR events. Examples: Round Tables, Third Thursdays, educational offerings, monthly luncheons, serve on a DallasHR committee
  • A willingness to commit time and energy to the relationship
  • Ability to help the New Member set and attain membership goals
  • Have respect of their peers, other professionals, and/or DallasHR members
Advisor responsibilities (but not limited to):
  • Acts as a resource for information about DallasHR
  • Gives guidance on which events best align with their interest or reason for joining
  • Introduces the New Member to other DallasHR members
  • Establishes trust with the New Member and maintains confidentiality (if applicable)
  • Challenges the New Member to get involved
  • Shares unique DallasHR experiences
Benefits of being a New Member Advisor:
  • The personal satisfaction of giving back to the organization
  • Professional enhancement, higher visibility and prestige
  • Expansion of professional network

For questions about this program, contact