Speaking Opportunities

DallasHR needs speakers for Education Events, Full-Day or Multi-Day programs, Round Table Meetings and Webinars. For questions about speaking opportunities, please contact [email protected]


Speaker Selection

DallasHR does not offer a fee or pay expenses for speakers. However, the size and decision-making authority of our audience provides an outstanding opportunity for speakers to increase their visibility and establish valuable contacts with a targeted HR audience.

Presentation proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee of volunteers and DallasHR staff based on the following criteria (not inclusive):

  • Speaker Proposal Form
  • Overall quality of content
  • Well-defined focus
  • Practical applications of material
  • Relatedness to the HR profession
  • Presenter’s professional speaking skills
If your proposal is selected, you will be contacted to make arrangements to add your presentation to the Education Event calendar. If your proposal is not selected for immediate addition to calendar, it will be kept on file for possible future consideration.

Speaker Appreciation

Thank you to our 2022 Speaker Appreciation Gift sponsor:

Speaker Guidelines

HR professionals attend DallasHR Education Events to further their knowledge in the human resource profession and to learn techniques relevant to their jobs. In the interest of our members, speakers should follow these guidelines.

Speakers are prohibited from:

  • Using the podium as a place for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or monetary self-interest.
  • Soliciting attendee contact information is not allowed. Contact initiated by the attendee is completely acceptable.
  • Videotaping and audiotaping are prohibited unless approved in advance by the Executive Director and Manager of Education at least 30 days prior to the presentation.
  • Speakers should not distribute price lists or discuss their professional fees and are prohibited from selling merchandise or products such books, educational materials and promotional items.
  • Speakers must refrain from making overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual group.

Speakers are permitted to:

  • Include their company name and contact information on the first and/or last page of their presentation slides or handouts.
  • Distribute business cards upon request after the session.
  • Reference books or articles that they have authored.