Trust Habits Training Program
April 27 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM AND April 28 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
-27, 2023

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Recertification Credit Information
16 HRCI HR (General) Recertification Credit Hours 

The seminar is approved for 16 HR (General) HRCI recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR through the HR Certification Institute. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at

DallasHR is recognized by SHRM to offer 16 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information, visit the SHRM certification website at

*Attendance is required to receive recertification credit certificates for attending this educational event.


Day One: How to Become a Trusted HR Professional

HR is a key function in the organization and the leading one in dealing with people. The HR professional is ideally positioned to build trust in the organization. But to do that and to perform your role effectively, you must first be trusted by both the employees and management. That’s a tough balancing act to perform. However, a 2018 survey of 11,894 employees indicated that 70% don’t trust HR. This one-day program will help HR professionals better understand what trust is (through the 8 laws of trust), how people decide whether to trust you (through the 6 components of the relative trust model) and build an individual trustworthiness plan using the 7-step Trust Habits™ process. Completing this program will grant you 8 HRCI and 8 SHRM continuing education credits. 

Who Should Attend?
The program is an adaptation of the multidisciplinary “May Trust be With You” seminar given by the Innovation Culture Institute, designed specifically for human resources professionals, and discusses the role of the HR manager and the specific predicaments of the role. It is designed for HR professionals who wish to balance being trusted by management with being trusted by employees. 

After Attending this Program, you will:
Understand the impact and the relationship between the level of trust in you and your effectiveness as an HR professional
Comprehend how trust “works” through the 8 laws of trust
Learn how people decide to trust you through the 6 components of the relative trust model and apply it to your own specific situation
Build your own individual 7-step Trust Habits™ plan that will help you form a new habit that will change an old behavior and increase the trust in you

What to Expect:
In order to put in the effort required to become more trusted, you must first be motivated says your presenter Yoram Soloman. The day will begin with motivating you through research and cause-and-effect relationships that being more trusted has.  We continue with learning what trust is (and it’s not what you thought it was) and how it “behaves” through the 8 laws of trust. Following that, you will learn what makes a person trusted by another through the 6 components of the relative trust model. This day will break many myths and show you that trust is relative, reciprocal, and dynamic, and that the foundation for trust is a person’s trustworthiness.  The second half of the day will build on the knowledge you gained in the first half. You will now learn how to turn this knowledge into new habits that change behaviors, and build trustworthiness and trust, so you can transform organizations using the highly structured and prescriptive 7-step Trust Habits™ process to yourself through assessment, planning, and execution.

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Day Two: How to Build Trust in the Organization as an HR Professional

**The Day One: “How to Become a More Trusted HR Professional” above is a pre-requisite to participate in Day Two.**

Today's program builds on firsthand experience gained in Day One: “How to Become a More Trusted HR Professional” program. It will add one more layer to the skills learned in the first seminar: the ability to coach others in the organization to form new habits that will change old behaviors, build trust, and transform the organization. Day two will give you the tools to perform coaching, help employees assess their behaviors, identify the behaviors that hold them back from being more trusted, help them build an individual plan, and be their accountability partner to increase their probability of success. Completing this seminar will grant you 8 HRCI and 8 SHRM continuing education credits. The seminar includes a certification exam, after which participants can use the proprietary Trust Habits™ process with others in the organization.

Who Should Attend?
The program was specifically designed for human resources professionals but is also suitable for leaders, general managers, project managers, and anyone who is in a leadership position (with or without official authority) and can influence employees and members of the organization and who intends to take on the role of building trust and transforming the organization. 
Your role in the organization positions you ideally to build trust in your organization because you are—
Already trained, experienced, and passionate about human skills and organizational culture in general
Internal to the organization, and therefore knows the people, the culture, the dynamics, and the company
Right there to serve as the accountability partner, a critical part of helping others to build their trustworthiness

After Attending this Program, you will be able to:
Identify signs of lack of trust in the team or organization, especially in high-dependency relationships that are critical to the success of the organization
Assess the causes for low trust relationships in the organization & narrow them down to a specific behavior that hinders a person from being more trusted by another
Develop an individual plan to increase any employee’s trustworthiness in a specific relationship
Coach, mentor, and be the accountability partner to the employee through their individual process of developing trustworthiness

What to Expect:
Building on the knowledge of trust and the application of the Trust Habits™ , you will now learn how to coach others through the process, helping them identify critical relationships and behaviors that need to change, building a plan to change those behaviors, and how to act as their accountability partner to increase their probability of success. You will then learn a few habits known to increase trust more generally and, in many situations, are practiced by the most trusted people. To apply Trust Habits™ in your organization, you will need the support of your management. In this seminar, you will get tools that will allow you to analyze and present the Return on Investment (ROI) of deploying the program in your organization to your management. Finally, you will undergo a written exam to ensure your understanding of the content delivered in this workshop and your readiness to apply it to employees in your organization. You will receive a certificate of completion and graduate upon passing the exam.

About Your Instructor

Yoram Solomon

Dr. Yoram Solomon is the author of The Book of Trust (now in 3rd edition, and the most comprehensive book ever written about trust), the book series Can I Trust You? and host of The Trust Show podcast. He published a total of 16 books and more than 300 articles on Trust, Innovation Culture, and Entrepreneurship. Yoram holds a Ph.D. in organization and management, an MBA, a law degree, and an engineering degree. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, a 2-time TED speaker, a former executive, elected official, pilot, and member of the Israeli 35th airborne brigade. Gave multiple sessions and keynotes in HR Southwest, Dallas HR events, SHRM Atlanta, and other HR events. 

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