Community Service Event
April 18, 2019  | 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Event Venue

Salvation Army
5302 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75235

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Registration has reached capacity. Everyone who previously registered is being contacted by the event lead to coordinate your donated items.
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Community Service Event - Sandwich Project - Feed the Homeless

Sandwich artists are needed to prepare sandwiches and pack lunches which will be distributed to the hungry from the Salvation Army Dallas Shelter. About 600 sandwiches are needed each day but they can store up to 1,200 per donation. For this event, we will be providing a full lunch which is two sandwiches, cookies, fruit, and individually packaged chips. We will also be decorating the bags the food will be provided in to spread hope to those that are less fortunate.

These meals are made from our donations of items. Please be prepared to bring at least two items needed on the list.  

These items include; bread, jelly, cutie oranges, apple sauce or fruit cups, individually packaged chips (snack size) or small cookies such as Oreos or Chips ahoy. Zip lock baggies for these items will also be needed.

Recruit a colleague, friend, or family member to join us!

This event is organized by the dedicated volunteers of the 2019 Community Relations Committee.  For questions, please contact Community Relations Committee Member, Austin Castleberry