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The DallasHR Employee Engagement Round Table provides a venue for sharing ideas and best practices that promote and build employee engagement within an organization. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, recruiting and onboarding, empowerment, professional development, career vision, rewards and recognition, the employee/supervisor relationship, and performance evaluation.

Meetings are for DallasHR Members only and is an open forum format so whatever is top-of-mind that day ultimately drives the discussion. The broad experience base of our members offers a wealth of deep, insightful thinking. If your company is struggling with an HR problem or considering a strategic HR initiative, chances are high others in the group already have direct or indirect experience in those areas. Bring your experience and stories to the meeting, come and learn from others’ successes and failures, and leave with a nugget of helpful insight you can take back to your workplace.

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Meet Your Round Table Leaders
Mark Gooch

Mark Gooch is a leadership coach and people operations consultant who partners with organizations seeking to enhance their bench of agile people leaders and deliver profitable employee experiences. Before starting Strategic People Ops, Mark worked in various industries in DFW, leading operations to scale in multiple industries—financial services, local government, hospitality & tourism. Over a decade ago, Mark got his start in talent management as an HR Department of One via the Director of Operations role for a successful international small business in Sydney, Australia. Working within multiple organizations of various sizes across industries, Mark knows that what drives engagement is shared from one sector or industry to the next. If an organization wants to grow and retain great employees, it needs to build strategic people leaders skilled at strengthening the interconnection between employee experiences, performance, and profits.

Mike Romig
Mike Romig is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designee and is a partner at Elevated Investment Partners. Mike began his pension consulting career in 1979 and installed his first profit sharing plan in 1980, first Defined Benefit plan in 1984; he did his first 401k in 1986 and first ESOP in 2008. Along the way Mike has done scores of non-qualified plans for successful companies desiring to attract, reward and retain select employees. He has made a difference for dozens of companies and thousands of employees. Mike is the author of the book 401(k) WHY??Design Your Plan for Greater Profitability and the creator of the Transform401(k) Process; pursuing increased profitability through effective plan design. Prior to joining Elevated Investment Partners, Mike was Managing Director of Level Four Pension Advisors.  Mike had been a Registered Principal with National Planning Corporation and Managing Director of RCA Pension Advisors with offices in Dallas and New Orleans. He graduated from Loyola University of the South with honors in accounting and has done advanced studies at The American College and the American Academy of Financial Management.


12:00 PM: Discussion/Presentation Begins
1:00 PM: Discussion/Presentation Concludes

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This will be an open forum, where you all are the SMEs and we will collaborate with one another toward practical actions and outcomes to help solve for challenges, trends, and experiences. 

As mentioned earlier in the year, this year's theme is Employee Experience & how that drives engagement, performance, & retention. For June 1st, we are going to focus on the impact your managers (frontline, middle, senior) have on engagement, performance, development, & retention

Gallup just released their latest engagement results for 2021 and we took a slight dip with overall disengagement in the US still sitting at 68%: https://bit.ly/3wlIf3r 

Managers account for a 70% variability in employee engagement. They are the linchpins of everyday experience and engagement. 

Goals for this session

  1. Understand current challenges with manager engagement and the cascading impact.
  2. Learn of successful strategies & tactics that improved manager engagement. 
  3. Leave with practical actionable takeaways 

Some questions to think about beforehand

  • What is working well, or, what challenges are you having, with middle managers & engagement?  
  • How well are we measuring manager impact on engagement?
  • How is our relationship with our managers?
    • What can we do better as HR leaders to help our managers succeed in providing optimal employee experiences?
    • Do we have a good understanding of each other's challenges and systematically collaborate on solutions or do we find ourselves in the 'blame game' with them? 
      • How can we facilitate bridging that gap? 
  • How are we linking people's experience & engagement to their manager's performance appraisal & incentives? 

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