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The DallasHR Employee Engagement Round Table provides a venue for sharing ideas and best practices that promote and build employee engagement within an organization. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, recruiting and onboarding, empowerment, professional development, career vision, rewards and recognition, the employee/supervisor relationship, and performance evaluation.

Meetings are for DallasHR Members only and is an open forum format so whatever is top-of-mind that day ultimately drives the discussion. The broad experience base of our members offers a wealth of deep, insightful thinking. If your company is struggling with an HR problem or considering a strategic HR initiative, chances are high others in the group already have direct or indirect experience in those areas. Bring your experience and stories to the meeting, come and learn from others’ successes and failures, and leave with a nugget of helpful insight you can take back to your workplace.

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Meet Your Round Table Leaders

Mark Gooch

I'm passionate about life...and life's too short for continued 70-plus percent disengagement globally, 5+ days a week. If you have not experienced a bad work week, boss, or having to live out the 'cult' in company culture, consider yourself pretty unique. I find purpose in helping people optimize life, and that often is through how they optimize their careers and especially those in roles that focus on employee/people experience and engagement. Engagement is not solved in a homogenized meme, regurgitated blog/vlog, or beer Fridays, so let's put those aside and have some real conversations and effect real change in these engagement round tables. Cheers. 
Alex Fichera
Alex Fichera is a former professional athlete and business anthropologist who now works as a coach and training specialist. He is the owner of Intuito Group, a general contractor for HR projects, and has worked with some of the best athletes, organizations, and business leaders over the last 15 years to help them close the gaps between vision and reality. Alex has his PHR certification, is certified by MIT in the neuroscience of business and holds several other certifications in behavioral analysis and emotional intelligence. He has worked across the finance, construction, IT, education, and other sectors, delivering and facilitating thousands of hours of training and coaching to hundreds of managers, executives and teams.  If he had to describe himself, he would say that he is a culture-conduit, connecting people, performance, and profits.


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1:00 PM: Discussion/Presentation Concludes

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Redefining Employee Engagement: A Collaborative Roundtable on Removing Barriers and Fostering a Dynamic Workforce

Join us for an unconventional exploration of employee engagement at DallasHR's upcoming roundtable discussion. This dynamic session will challenge the norms and provide fresh perspectives on employee engagement. Rather than focusing solely on introducing new initiatives, we'll dive deep into the heart of the matter, uncovering and addressing the often-overlooked issues that prevent your employees from fully engaging in their work. This session is designed as a true roundtable, encouraging active participation and knowledge sharing from all attendees. Your experiences, insights, and challenges will shape the conversation, creating a unique opportunity for collective learning and growth.

Our discussion will center around three main learning objectives:

1.     Boosting Disengagement Recognition: Strengthen your personal and organizational capacity to proactively identify signs of employee disengagement

2.     Peer-to-Peer Insight: Gain firsthand insights into the challenges other leaders face, and explore effective solutions they have implemented

3.     Turning Disengagement Around: Equip yourself with efficient strategies to transform disengagement into lasting employee engagement

In this interactive and collaborative setting, we aim to equip HR professionals and leaders with the tools needed to foster an engaged, productive, and satisfied workforce.

Join us for this roundtable discussion to not only gain new insights but to contribute to the larger conversation on redefining employee engagement. Together, we can build more effective strategies to clear the obstacles that hinder your team's potential. 

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