DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference Volunteers of the Month

Congratulations to our outstanding and dedicated volunteers!


2023 Volunteers of the Month

December DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Ranee Samaniego
Senior Staffing Consultant, Thomas Edwards Group

“Ranee started out the year, feeling slightly apprehensive about leading any of the events that we put on for job link. By the end of the year, she had practiced and really worked hard on her executive presence when presenting for the group. She was able to ask questions and make people feel comfortable as they were presenting Information about recruiting at our last job link panel. She is the first person to volunteer when something needs to be done and works incredibly hard in our committee. Props to her!” –Rebekah Zetts, Career Support Committee Director

December HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Monica McBroom
Sr. Human Resources Coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin  

“This was Monica’s first year on the Ed Sessions Committee, and she jumped right in like a long-time pro. Monica provided exceptional customer service to speakers and attendees. She was positive and professional. She was a great addition to the team, and I hope she volunteers again.”- Genevive Northup, Ed Sessions Director   

November DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Josh Elliott
General Manager, Celebration Escape Rooms

“Josh's extraordinary commitment and dedication have greatly enhanced our Student Engagement Committee's initiatives. His diligent management of our social media platforms has not only increased our digital presence but also fostered engaging communication among members. What sets Josh apart is his exceptional volunteer spirit, especially in collaborating with student SHRM chapters. Furthermore, his participation in networking events as a warm and welcoming presence has greatly aided in bridging the gap between students and professionals. Josh's contributions are a testament to his passion for HR and his unwavering support for the next generation of HR leaders. “ – Mallory Herrin, Student Engagement Director-Elect

November HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Beth Grover
Operations and HR Manager ,Cousin James Management LLC  
“Beth has been a valuable member and critical contributor to the success of the 2023 Conference.  Having served for many years on the now Attendee Experience committee, Beth’s historical knowledge has been invaluable. During  our staff liaison transition, Beth provided critical information to ensure we filled any gaps and had a solid grasp on past practices.  While Beth was instrumental in our planning stages of the conference, she excels onsite. Having previously served as the committee Director, Beth is able to proactively identify potential issues and work quickly to resolve, always keeping the attendee experience top of mind.  She is willing to help wherever she is needed and is always readily accessible.  Beth is a fantastic committee member and models the right behaviors.” – Rhonda Clemente, Attendee Experience Director

September DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Michelle Haugh
EarlyHR Solutions

“Michele was selected as this month's DallasHR Committee Volunteer for her exceptional efforts related to organizing the silent auction at the Collin County HR educational luncheon.  Michele's efforts resulted in over $600 being raised for student scholarships for the HRSouthwest Conference.   Michele is a founder in EarlyHR Solutions, based in Frisco, TX.  Michele has spent the last several decades in the HR space, most recently leading an HR Consulting team with ZumanHR, serving early to growth stage organizations.  Michele has successfully served in a variety of HR leadership roles, and earlier in her career specialized in training and talent acquisition.  Michele has a BS in Business, is SPHR certified, and is pursuing her graduate degree in HR and Organizational Development.” Paul Simon, CollinCountyHR Director

September HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Dennie Laney
Vice President of HR
“Dennie Laney brings an enthusiasm to the table that lights the room.  It is her first year to serve on Ed Sessions as a Volunteer and with her experience coming from Education for DallasHR she has made great contributions to the considerations that go into the Speaker selections and liaising processes that take place all year long building up to the Conference.  Thank you so much, Dennie!  We appreciate you!!” Kim Piscotta, Ed Sessions Director

August DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Paul Hagerty
Sr. People Operations/HR Consultant, VCFO

“Paul is a huge help to our Member Engagement team.  He goes above and beyond to complete his outreach in a timely manner and even helps other team members when it is needed.  True leadership like this shows his passion and love for DallasHR and we are so lucky to have him on the team.  This is his fourth nomination for Volunteer of the Month this year and this month I knew it would be his month to receive the well-deserved recognition. Thank you, Paul, for all you do and congratulations!  You make a difference. “ -Courtney DeWitt, Member Engagement Director

August HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Robert Segura
Human Resources Director, Midland County
“Robert Segura is by far one of the HRSouthwest Conference’s greatest assets. He continually goes above and beyond to ensure the Conference is a success. This year he  transitioned from the Ed Sessions Committee to the Attendee Experience Committee in order to help us revive the HRSouthwest Conference Ambassador program. He has helped this group meet and exceed goals to help drive even greater success for the HRSouthwest Conference in 2023 and beyond. Robert is the kind of person to always raise his hand, say “yes” and follow through. Robert, I am so thankful for you and we are so lucky to have such a faithful and dedicated volunteer!” -Lisa Harris, Conference Director-Elect

June DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Alex Juarez
Learning and Development Partner, Dallas College

“Throughout her time with us, Alex has demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to our committee, always exemplifying the very best of what it means to be part of DallasHR. She embodies our shared values of service, collaboration, and professional growth. Her work as a committee member and a Student Chapter Liaison has been nothing short of outstanding. She has consistently gone above and beyond, showing initiative, reliability, and passion. She is always well-prepared for meetings, which not only exemplifies her professionalism but also her respect for the collective time and efforts of our committee. Alex's active engagement in working with students has been instrumental in providing them with important information from DallasHR, networking opportunities, and education. Her enthusiasm for their development is palpable and has had a notable impact on our students' journey and their perception of DallasHR. Alex brings a positive energy to our team, setting an example of leadership and involvement that is inspiring for both her peers and the students we serve. “ -Mallory Herrin, Student Engagement  Director-Elect

June HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Peter Novick
HR Generalist, RPC Staffing
“Peter is a return volunteer for Ed Sessions and works it like a Pro.  When it comes to Speaker Slotting, he understands the process and the goals to achieve, and helps the newcomers learn our objectives for efficient results and as perfect an outcome as possible.  His experience with the committee also makes it very easy to accomplish the tasks at hand efficiently with LOTS of energy and humor.  He is a pleasure to work with in preparation for and certainly during Conference.” -Kim Piscotta, Ed sessions Director

May DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Brian Yanus
Human Resources Director

“Brian has gone above and beyond to help with Member Engagement Committee.  He provides invaluable feedback and resources to our member experience.  He oversees the non-member calls which provides a huge impact to our chapter.  He also put together our mentor/mentee guides for our mentorship program to maximize the experience for our mentors and mentees.  He is continually looking for ways and offering ideas to increase our membership and maximizing member benefits.  I am honored to recognize Brian for this well-deserved recognition as he continues to share his time and passion.” - Courtney DeWitt, Member Engagement Director

May HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Daniel Gonzalez
Human Resources Analyst
AMN Healthcare

“Daniel Gonzalez is a first-year volunteer for the HRSouthwest Conference and for Ed Sessions.  When we had our first big task of reviewing speaker proposals, he took it very seriously and provided a lot of detail on his thoughts regarding the quality of the topics as well as the speakers’ presentation styles, making the selection process easy for the team.  He also brings a great energy, wit and charm to the group that will make this another excellent Conference experience not only for the committee, but for anyone who meets him there.  It is such a privilege to have him serving on Ed Sessions 2023!” Kim Piscotta, Ed Sessions Director

April DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Janel Hunt

“Janel Hunt has been nominated for volunteer of the month for her exceptional contributions as a member of the Student Engagement Committee. Janel has been instrumental in revitalizing our mentorship program, demonstrating her commitment to advancing the professional development of DallasHR's student members. She has gone above and beyond in her efforts to match students with mentors and has successfully increased the number of new student members enrolled in the mentor program. Janel's tireless work has breathed new life into the program, making it more impactful and effective for all involved. Her dedication and hard work have made a significant impact on the committee, and we are thrilled to nominate her for this well-deserved recognition.” – Mallory Herrin, Student Engagement Director-Elect

April HRSWC Volunteer of the Month

Beth Grover
Cousin James Management LLC

“Beth has been a committed member and a pioneer for the HRSouthwest Conference. She generously volunteers and is always willing to do the work that can get overlooked by others. Beth has a wealth of knowledge from her many years of serving and shares that knowledge selflessly.  Last month she dedicated several hours going though the tots of past conference decorations that remain at the DallasHR office.  Her insight and past knowledge was critical as we look for ways to optimize costs for this years event planning. Beth also demonstrates an openness and commitment to embrace new ideas that continue to enhance the experience of our attendees. Please join me in recognizing Beth Grover for her commitment, selflessness, and teamwork. “ - Rhonda Clemente, Attendee Experience Director 

March DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Beverly Parker
Managing Director, HR Additions,
2023 Education Committee volunteer and Ambassador

“Volunteers play a critical role in helping DallasHR welcome members and guest to our events. Beverly went above and beyond as an Ambassador last month when we greeted 160 people at the 2023 Diversity Conference then helped welcome another 100 people at our Networking Event later that day.  She smiled from 8 AM to 7 PM!  I can’t thank her enough for pitching in to support a very busy day at our Chapter”  -Courtney DeWitt, Member Engagement Committee Director

February DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Joann Stokes
Human Resources & Administrative Manager at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

“Joann has been a consistent participant in and supporter of DallasHR's educational initiatives. As an HR professional herself, she is aware of the issues that affect the industry and is always on the lookout for speakers to discuss these topics.  She is also active in networking and attending events professionally and personally, which exposes her to possible presenter that might interest DallasHR members.  Many of the best received speakers that have presented at DallasHR education events have been professionals that Joann has suggested and connected us to. Joann also actively supports the education events themselves by participating in them.  She has been in attendance at every education committee sponsored event during the last couple of years.” -Gilles Hudelot, Education Director

January DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Allison Flannery
Regional HR Business Partner, Trane Technologies  

"Allison, also known as Flan,  is a take-charge kind of volunteer. She always has a fresh idea or suggestion of what to do or how to make things better. During the holidays, she took it upon herself to provide our Job Link community daily tips called "12ish Workdays Til Winter Break," playing off the holiday song. Allison creatively shared great tips for in-transition members for 12 days. Her efforts are enriching not only to our committee but to our DallasHR members in-transition."- Tomi Morriss, Career Support Director  

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