DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference Volunteers of the Month

Congratulations to our outstanding and dedicated volunteers!


2021 Volunteers of the Month

December DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Stephanie Owens

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

“Stephanie has worked tirelessly behind the scenes all year to ensure the Career Support Committee has a strong online presence.  Her hard work and dedication have meant that even with increasing work priorities, she always comes through.  Stephanie took on a challenging role and excelled, making it look effortless. “ – Krystal Yates, Director of Career Support 

December HRSouthwest Conference Volunteer of the Month

Robert Segura

Human Resources Director at Midland County

“Robert was a great asset to this year’s Ed Sessions Committee.  Whenever extra help was needed, Robert was always willing to raise his hand.   Several times throughout the year, Robert experienced some unfortunate flight delays when attempting to attend in-person meetings and Conference.  These delays did not deter Robert, when he arrived, he was committed and determined to uphold his committee responsibilities.  Robert enthusiastically looked for ways he could assist and was always willing to help other committee members.  This was Roberts first year on the Ed Session Committee and he did an outstanding job.  I would like to recognize Robert for his contributions.  His dedication is very much appreciated and was instrumental in ensuring a successful 2021 Conference.” – Rhonda Clemente, Director of Ed Sessions

October DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Gilles Hudelot

Director of Education, Mentoro
Education Committee
“Gilles is a newer DallasHR member and has been an amazing new volunteer and leader in 2021 for the Education Committee. He has done a phenomenal job leading his Round Table sourcing amazing Speakers and he has not missed a single Round Table (his or others) showing support for the entire committee. Thank you, Gilles, for all you do and looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2022!” – Lisa Harris, Director, Education Committee


September DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Maria Saunders
HR Business Partner, Advisory at Jack Henry & Associates
Collin CountyHR
"Maria has been an amazing volunteer and leader with the CCHR committee for many years. Serving on the membership sub-committee, she has made countless connections with new and renewing members. Maria‘s volunteer work has primarily been welcome cards and LinkedIn messages with new members to make them feel welcomed to DallasHR/CCHR. It’s evident that she’s dedicated to service and cares deeply about people." – Sarah Recker, Director-Elect Collin CountyHR 


August DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Monalisa Banerjee

Strategic Hiring Specialist at Brillio 
Career Support Committee

“Monalisa has been a member of DallasHR since August 2018 and joined the community relations committee in January 2021. Not only was she eager to volunteer she immediately jumped in to help our local community by coordinating several virtual events. She has been a vital part of our committee, always ready to help out in any capacity. She brings passion and energy, has a servant heart and makes it look easy. We are certainly grateful that she chose to volunteer her time and share her skills with us and the communities we serve are better for it. Thank you.” – Maria Garate & Brandon Mccormick, Director & Director-Elect, Career Support Committee


July DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Paul Simon

Partner at Simon | Paschal PLLC

“Paul always goes the extra mile for Collin CountyHR. Between leading the efforts on organizing educational events to volunteering his office as a meeting place, Paul constantly steps in when we need him. This past year Paul has lead his subcommittee in conceiving, organizing and promoting various educational events which have received rave reviews. The education events have been top notch due to his leadership and attention to the smallest detail. We’re a better organization because of volunteers like Paul Simon.” – Mike Pierce, Director of Collin CountyHR

July HRSouthwest Conference Volunteer of the Month

Genevieve Northup 

HR Manager of Professional Development at Collin College

“Gen has been a longstanding member of the ed sessions committee.  She is always super vested in the selection of speakers to ensure our conference is successful every year.  Gen goes out of her to offer her expertise and feedback in every part of the planning process.  Without Gen, each process would take a significantly longer amount of time. Gen is very engaged and always helpful.” – Rhonda Clemente, Director of Ed Sessions

June DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Michaela Glendening
Senior Human Resources Generalist at FC Dallas

“Michaela always raises her hand. “I can do that,” she often says. Serving her second year on the Student Engagement Committee, Michaela has a passion for working with students. She partners with Member Engagement to support the mentor/mentee process; was a major contributor to SEC’s first student virtual networking event and is a driving force to improve student offerings at HRSW Conference.  A proud Texas Tech University alum, Michaela enjoys DallasHR networking events, travel, golf and hanging with friends. SEC appreciates Michaela’s great ideas and hard work!” -Tomi Morriss, Director, Student Engagement Committee

May DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Mark Downey
Shareholder, Downey Law Group 

“Mark Downey has been an essential part of the  Education Committee the last several years consistently stepping up raising his hand to help the committee with anything they need help with. Most recently he helped plan/coordinate the DallasHR Legal Exchange, and  jumped in with a moment’s notice to help moderate event making it a huge success. He’s hard-working, dependable and always brings fresh ideas to the table to help coordinate our events. Thank you, Mark for all you do for me, our committee and for DallasHR!” – Lisa Harris, Education Director

April DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Donna Lee
Chief Human Resources Officer, Primal Labs 

“Donna has jumped into the Member Engagement committee with both feet!  Her leadership and servant’s heart has been recognized and is so greatly appreciated.  Donna has done an outstanding job of leading her team of volunteers, has been a voice and advocate for the DHR members, and is always willing to assist others when we are falling behind.  All of this is done with a smile and no expectation of reciprocity or credit.  Thank you, Donna, for your commitment to Member Engagement and DallasHR!” -Lauren Truelove, Director of Member Engagement Committee

April HRSouthwest Conference Volunteer of the Month

Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar
Lecturer, University of North Texas 

“Mariya is a great asset to the Ed Sessions Committee.  Whenever Ed Sessions needs a volunteer Mariya is always one of the first people to jump in and help.  Mariya has been a committee member for several years and is a wealth of information.  She not only relies on her past experiences to provide guidance; she actively participates in discussion that challenges the status quo.  Mariya’s contributions are appreciated and help to ensure that the best conference speaker are selections and the we continue to improve the overall process.” -Rhonda Clemente, Director of Ed Sessions Committee 

March DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

LaSandra Morris Moore
Diversified Health Care Affiliates, Inc. 

 “LaSandra Morris-Moore has served on the DallasHR Career Support Committee for over two years.  She goes above and beyond and has been a driving force behind keeping the committee organized with a sense of purpose, supporting the HR community.  LaSandra is always one of the first to volunteer her time when something needs to be done, taking on vital behind-the-scenes tasks, that often go unrecognized.  She has helped plan numerous successful committee events and always has a smile on her face.  So thankful for LaSandra and all she has done and continues to do!” -Krystal Yates, Career Support Director-Elect

February DallasHR Volunteer of the Month

Kjersten Faseler
Client Relationship Manager, High Profile Staffing

 “As a member of the Collin CountyHR committee, Kjersten consistently brings an energetic, service minded approach to her work. Her efforts have helped promote numerous events and helped members ensure they’re getting value from their membership.” Mike Pierce, Collin CountyHR Director

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